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Elizabeth Roske, RN, BSN                                       Nancy House
Health Service Supervisor                                                         Health Service Secretary
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Student Immunization Record
Wi State law requires all students to have specific immunizations at certain ages. These immunizations protect your child and also prevent the spread of contagious diseases to other children.If you do not have health insurance or have limited coverage, you can receive these immunizations at a reduced fee at Public Health Offices. You must submit documentation of these immunizations or the state will subpoena you into the court system. You do have the right to sign a wavier if you do not want your child to have vaccines. Please click on Student Immunization Record to see attached form.
Vaccine Requirements
Meningitis Vaccine Information
Over-the-Counter Medication Permission Form
Over the counter medication like Tylenol or Ibuprofen also need parental consent with directions and the medication provided in the original container. Please click Over-the-Counter Medication Permission Form to view attached.
Prescription Medication Authorization Form
No prescription medication will be administered to a student without written medication orders from parent and physician. Please click Prescription Medication Authorization to view attached form.
Emergency Health Plan Form
Emergency Health Plans are written annually for students with medical needs. Example: Inhaler for asthma. These plans are developed with parents and the school nurse each year in late August. If your child has any medical needs that the school should accommodate, please notify the school nurse by calling any school office.Please click Emergency Health Plan form to see attached.
Food Allergy Policy
Head Lice Policy
Guidelines to Control Head Lice
Five Step Head Lice Treatment Plan
Head Injury Letter
Pink Eye Letter
Dental Referral Letter


Bloodborne Pathogens Training
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