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On behalf of Barron High School, welcome to the website of the "Golden Bears!"  We are home to over 400 of Wisconsin's finest students working toward our mission which allows students to "reach their dreams while making a positive impact upon the world."  You will hear our students, staff and parents refer to, "Be Golden."  The term, "Be Golden" refers to the culture at Barron High School; high expectations are a way of life from academic achievement, to social interaction, and co-curricular activities, let's "BE GOLDEN!" 

Barron High School is rich in academic culture led by a high-energy group of compassionate teachers and support staff.  The Board of Education's cutting-edge curriculum offers coursework which challenges the college-bound to immediate societal work force learner.

With over 125 academic offerings and 32 co-curricular opportunities, each member of the diverse student body learns how their gifts accentuate the school culture by creating opportunities for the present and building skills for the future.

Throughout the school year students, staff and parents, as school partners, embrace the core values of the Barron Area School District:

* People are responsible for their choices.

* Respecting differences enriches life.

* Meaningful accomplishments build confidence and motivation.

* In each person there are gifts and the capacity to
develop those gifts.

* Society thrives when each person actively participates in its improvement.

* Children are our most valuable resource.

* Fun matters.

* Trust builds healthy relationships.

* Strength lies in people working together for a common goal.

* Learning throughout life is vital.

I encourage you to explore our website for more information about Barron High School.  You may start by perusing our Student Handbook HERE.  


Because our Fine Arts program has a rich tradition of excellence, please be sure to view our district calendar HERE for all upcoming concerts and events.  We would love to have you join us at all of our fine arts, athletic and co-curricular activities.  To learn more about our clubs, organizations and athletics, you should CLICK HERE.  Finally, to contact our staff members or to view their web pages containing personal, coaching or curriculum details, please CLICK HERE.


As you seek additional information about the Barron High School Golden Bears, contact us personally to set up an appointment to visit and tour our campus facilities, programs and people who make our school a special learning environment.  You may also contact me via email at haugestuenk@barron.k12.wi.us

Sincerely in education,

Kirk Haugestuen
High School Principal


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