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Barron Area School District-Strategic Planning Process 2002-2014


The mission of the Barron Area School District is
to ensure all students reach their dreams
while making a positive impact on the world.
We believe that:
  •  People are responsible for their choices.
  • Respecting differences enriches life.
  • Meaningful accomplishments build confidence and motivation. 
  • In each person there are gifts and the capacity to develop those gifts.
  • Society thrives when each person actively participates in its improvement.
  • Children are our most valuable resource.
  • Fun matters.
  • Trust builds healthy relationships.
  • Strength lies in people working together for a common goal.
  • Learning throughout life is vital.
By 2014, all students will:
Continually articulate their dreams and utilize their gifts, other resources, opportunities and challenges en route to their dreams.
Choose to make positive contributions to their world.

We will not:
  • Implement any new programs or services unless they are consistent with and contribute to our mission.
  • Implement any new programs or services unless they are accompanied by the staff development needed for their effectiveness.
We will:
1.      Identify, develop and utilize strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations of our greater community to embrace and support the achievement of our strategic objectives and mission.
2.      Establish communication practices resulting in the development of mutual trust, respect, and understanding in order to achieve our objectives and mission.
3.      Design and implement learning environments that will enable us to achieve our strategic objectives and mission.


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